North Korean Hackers Launder Crypto Using Sophisticated Techniques: Report

According to a recent analysis, the Pyongyang-led cybercrime organization – the Lazarus Group – employs advanced techniques to steal and launder cryptocurrencies. The gang has shown “remarkable adaptation to evolving regulation,” the report warned.
North Korea and Crypto
While China and Russia traditionally captivate the attention of most democratic governments concerned about cyber security, totalitarian North Korea is gradually emerging as a leader in such attacks. 
In its most recent report, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) warned about a Pyongyang-led cybercrime organization known as the Lazarus Group. The latter has transformed from a “rogue team of hackers to a masterful army of cybercriminals and foreign affiliates” that steal hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crypto, the analysis added.
The CNAS reminded that the infamous organization swiped around $300 million worth of digital assets in 2020 from the Singapore-based exchange KuCoin. The US thin

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