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KB Bank to launch South Korea’s first crypto investment fund

The investment fund will be the first offered by a bank in the country and is expected to include a type of crypto index and ETFs.
Kookmin Bank is preparing to become the first bank in South Korea to offer crypto investment products to retail investors. KB announced on Feb. 21 that it had formed a Digital Asset Management Preparatory Committee to determine product and strategy capabilities regarding digital assets and artificial intelligence investment funds. The bank expects to launch crypto exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and futures products. The committee will also assess risk and compliance issues for the investment funds.The plans were confirmed by KB’s Head of Index Quant Management Honggun Kim in the official release from the bank. He said, “We will launch a virtual asset-themed equity fund, etc. We plan to publish periodicals as well.” KB Financial Group, the country’s largest by net profit, had about $520 b

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