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Here’s why crypto unicorn Bitso is expanding into Colombia

Latin America exchange Bitso sees “tremendous potential” for crypto adoption in Colombia, according to its new country manager Emilio Pardo. 
Bitso, a Gibraltar-registered unicorn valued at $2.2 billion, already has a strong presence in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. Now, it’s working to launch its platform in Colombia and gain a seat at the table as regulators define the country’s digital asset policy. The South American country ranked 11th on Chainalysis’ 2021 global crypto adoption index.
Pardo, who joined Bitso after serving as Mastercard’s head of business development for the Andes region, says he was drawn to working with the cryptocurrency exchange because of its approach with financial regulators.
“Regulation in Colombia, I think, sooner or later it’s going to come,” Pardo said. “And we are the first one raising our hand saying, ‘We want to be regulated. We want to have the rules of the game clear.’” Moreover, Bitso also wants to play a role in help

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