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Cointelegraph’s Top 100 in Crypto and Blockchain list reaches the halfway mark

The latest reveal includes the CEO of a large crypto exchange, a Wall Street firm that poured billions into crypto, among others.
The Cointelegraph Top 100 continues to bring you the most influential, analytical and artistic people who shaped the crypto industry in 2021. While 2022 has been a rough ride so far, last year had enough ups and downs to prepare a Top 100 list that also portrays the crypto and blockchain landscape of one year in history.It’s impossible to populate a list in any niche that would be universally accepted; therefore, the criteria for making the list this year were unconventional in many ways, as the Cointelegraph team spent numerous hours finding the trendsetters over the past year who not only had a fruitful 2021 but are likely to continue shaping the industry in 2022.DISCOVER COINTELEGRAPH’s TOP 100 IN CRYPTO AND BLOCKCHAIN 2022During the 10-day countdown, four days have already passed, so it’

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