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‘Coin days destroyed’ spike hinting at BTC price bottom? 5 things to watch in Bitcoin this week

Large and smaller hodlers alike are seizing the chance to stack, figures show, as on-chain data hints that the bottom is in at $38,000.
Bitcoin (BTC) heads into the last week of February lower but showing signs of strength as a key support level holds.After a nervous few days on macro and crypto markets alike, BTC/USD is below $40,000, but signs are already there that a comeback could be what starts the week off in the right direction.The situation is far from easy — concerns over inflation, United States monetary policy and geopolitical tensions are all in play, and with them, the potential for stocks to continue suffering.Further cues from the Federal Reserve will be hot property in the short term, with March expected to be when the first key interest rate hike is announced and delivered.Could it all be a storm in a teacup for Bitcoin, which on a technical basis is stronger than ever? Cointelegraph presents five factors

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