Biden gearing up to issue executive order on crypto regulation

US President Joe Biden will reportedly issue an executive order in the week of February 21st, which will direct state agencies to begin formulating a government-wide plan to regulate crypto assets.
The order will task various agencies to study CBDCs, or central bank digital currencies, as well as develop a report on the future of money and payment systems, an administration official familiar with the matter told Yahoo Finance.
It will also look at how to protect consumers, investors and businesses. Additionally, the US government is looking to coordinate with other countries to standardize crypto regulation across the globe.
Agency breakdown
The Departments of Treasury, State, Justice, along with Homeland Security, will focus on CBDCs and developing the report on the future of money and payment systems.
The Director of the Office of Science and Tech policy will conduct a technical evaluation to determine how a CBDC system can be supported. Meanwhile, the Financial Stability and Oversig

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