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Artist blows up Lamborghini to make NFTs — in protest against crypto culture

Earlier this month, an artist called Shl0ms, with the help of an explosives expert, blew up a Lamborghini worth just shy of $250,000. They are now turning the charred parts into a collection of 999 NFTs – to protest crypto’s get-rich-quick culture.
“This technology is incredibly promising, there are so many good things we could do with it but there are so many terrible things being done with it,” Shl0ms tells The Block by video call. “It’s really extractive, zero-sum practices.”
The pseudo-anonymous artist chose a Lamborghini because, “the Lambo is a pretty potent representation of people simply engaging with crypto because it’s a way for them to make money off other people as quickly as possible.”
Who is Shl0ms?
Shl0ms agreed to be interviewed on a video call through a live filter that translates their face into a Matrix-like pixelated representation of a green image on a blue background — constantly shifting, constantly updating. Their voice wasn’t modifie

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