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$250K bounty ‘not too low to be insulting,’ says Coinbase white hat hacker

The white-hat hacker responsible for discovering a crisis-level flaw in Coinbase API said the $250K bounty was not “too low.”
On February 11th, two days before the Super Bowl and Coinbase’s $14 million color-changing QR code advert, an engineer was desperately trying to reach out to Coinbase management and the development team.Anyone here can get me a direct line with someone at @coinbase , preferably management or dev team, possibly @brian_armstrong himself?I’m submitting a hacker1 report but I’m afraid this can’t wait. Can’t say more either, this is potentially market-nuking.DMs open.— Tree of Alpha (@Tree_of_Alpha) February 11, 2022

Tree of Alpha had discovered “a flaw in the new Advanced Trading feature would have allowed a malicious user to sell BTC or any other coin without owning them.” The flaw in the code had the potential to “nuke” the market.Commenting on the flaw, Tree of Alpha told Cointelegraph tha

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