This new booking platform on Solana is aiming to disrupt the music industry

GIGCO, a brand-new music platform built on Solana, recently announced its public IDO token sale to be hosted through Solana’s first decentralized developer ecosystem–SolRazr launchpad.
The platform leverages a new trustworthy booking protocol–empowering artists to take full control and ownership of their music, gigs, merch, tickets and NFTs.
Reinventing the music industry
By minting songs as NFTs, or as GIGCO calls them NFS (non-fungible songs), the platform introduces a form of shared ownership of music and royalties–split between artist and fans.
Furthermore, by directly connecting artists and venues through an instantly deployable smart contract, the platform reinvented arranging live music gigs–facilitating booking tickets and merch sales.
Meanwhile, staking membership options unlock discounts, rewards, and benefits within the music industry and the platform itself.

“Through Web3 technology the music industry will finally see an era of creative ownership in the hands o

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