Buy the dip crypto trading bot outperforms DCA trading strategy by 10%

A trading bot has been determining the best Bitcoin entry points and performing limit buys of the asset since December.
On Monday, the tool achieved 5-10 percent profitability, outdoing the traditional DCA acquisition strategy. 

Over time, retail traders and institutional investors have devised new strategies for acquiring crypto assets – from daily trading, traditional DCA (dollar-cost averaging) to trading bots. In DCA, investors buy uniform amounts of crypto at regular time intervals regardless of the price. The aim is to obtain an overall reduction in cost per unit.
DCA contrasts traders who look for the perfect entry during a crypto dip to avoid “catching a falling knife” – a phrase implying purchasing an asset before its price hits the bottom of the trough. CNF even covered the interesting case of a trading hamster last year that managed to outshine prominent crypto investors Cathie Wood and Warren Buffet.
In the latest events concerning bots, a savvy Reddit trader,

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