Bitcoin needs to reclaim these two levels to avoid another dip to $28K

Bitcoin price action will stay stuck in the lower half of its macro range unless two key moving averages can flip to support.
Bitcoin (BTC) may have rebounded strongly in recent days, but its journey to new highs is only just beginning — and far from guaranteed, a new analysis suggests.Updating a Twitter debate on Feb. 9, popular trader and analyst Rekt Capital identified two key targets BTC/USD must reclaim as support for bulls.Bitcoin key macro resistance levels now in placeDespite being up 13% in a week on Wednesday, Bitcoin is still far from November’s peak of $69,000.For Rekt Capital, a longer-timeframe perspective puts BTC/USD in a corridor from $28,000 to $69,000 — corresponding to the 2021 open and all-time high, respectively.Right in the middle of those two price points are two moving averages, and so far, Bitcoin has not won them back as support levels. In order to have another shot at beating the highs, he a

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