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Bitcoin dated futures with physical settlement go live on Eqonex

Eqonex previously said it was engaged in discussions on the potential merger or takeover options in late 2021.
The Nasdaq-listed digital assets financial services company Eqonex has launched a new type of Bitcoin (BTC) investment product, a BTC dated futures contract with a physical settlement.Announcing the news on Wednesday, Eqonex explained that its BTC dated futures are denominated in the USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin and increase in parallel with the BTC price increase against USDC.In contrast to perpetual futures, which have no maturity limit, dated futures expire at a pre-set date and time frame like each month or each quarter, Eqonex noted. “Any position in a perpetual future stays open until the trader decides to close the trade by executing an offsetting trade, or until the trade gets liquidated by Eqonex,” the firm added.According to the announcement, the Eqonex BTC dated futures contract expires at 08:00 UTC on

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