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Finnish regulators tighten the screw on virtual currency marketing

The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority published stricter rulings regarding crypto marketing.
Hot on the heels of the rising cryptocurrency hype, Finnish regulators have dropped a formal notice. On Nov. 24th, the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) stated:“Only registered virtual currency providers can market virtual currencies and related services in Finland. The marketing of virtual currencies in Finnish and in Finland is only allowed for entities registered as virtual currency providers in Finland.”Finland is a highly economically free country, ranking 17th in the Index for Economic Freedom. However, as LocalBitcoins CEO Sebastian Sonntag told Cointelegraph upon receiving their FSA license in 2019:“The controls in the financial sector are of particularly high quality and the position of the clients is well protected.”It appears that the FSA is keen to protect investors — particularly retail — who a

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