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XRP Price Prediction: Is It A Good Time to Long XRP? Here Are Important Levels to Watch out

David Schwartz Ripple’s CTO, architect, and co-creator of the Ripple ledger in a recent interview spoke on the firm’s growing interest in NFTs. Founder of Ripple-backed XRPL Labs, Wietse Wind in February this year came up with a proposal to implement support for non-fungible tokens [NFTs] on the XRP Ledger [XRPL], which does not require changing the code for XRPL.
Wietse Wind highlighted a unique feature of NFTs, which is that they are indivisible and are used to create verifiable digital ownership and scarcity. According to Wind, XRP Ledger already supports token issuing, meaning that, they can be sent, transacted to other XPRL accounts.
Another interesting event for the XRP crypto-asset was the Apex XRPL Developer Summit that took place on 29-30 September, where Ripple launched a 250 million USD fund to support creators, monetize accessible and innovative NFT experiences on the XRP Ledger.
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