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This Week on Crypto Twitter: Discord Backs Out of Crypto while Twitter Wades In

Illustration by Mitchell Preffer for Decrypt
This week on crypto Twitter: Jimmy Fallon joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT craze, Discord CEO Jason Citron hinted that the messaging platform will integrate with crypto, then backtracked a few days later, AMC CEO Adam Aron flaunted the success of AMC’s new crypto payments options, and many more things happened besides. Read on to see our weekly roundup of Twitter’s cryptosphere.

probably nothing
— Jason Citron (@jasoncitron) November 8, 2021

On Monday, Discord CEO Jason Citron tweeted a screenshot of what appeared to be a MetaMask wallet connectivity feature inside the popular messaging platform’s user settings. The tweet was a response to a blog post tweeted by blogger Packy McCormick, who discussed the idea of a “Discord-native crypto wallet” — an idea that first appeared on a Discord user survey back in August. McCormick was sold on the idea. 
However, Citron backtracked days later, tweeting

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