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Taproot Goes Live, Here’s All You Need To Know About Bitcoin’s Network Upgrade

The Bitcoin network has finally come with its new and highly anticipated protocol, Taproot. Going live on Sunday, this is Bitcoin’s first major upgrade since SegWit back in 2017.
Taproot Comes With Great New Features
According to reports, the Taproot upgrade has been a long time coming — about seven years precisely but was kick-started again on June 12, 2021. Since then however, the network put out a waiting period so that all nodes could upgrade to the newest version of Bitcoin Core during that time.
Without any doubt, Taproot is the most significant upgrade to the Bitcoin network since SegWit in 2017 as earlier mentioned. Going back to SegWit, it fixed several bugs and allowed more transactions to be embedded in each block while also serving as the foundation for Layer 2 payment channels like ‘Lightning’.
The New Features Revealed In Details
Meanwhile, even as today’s upgrade suggests mostly a backdoor kind of change, for now, Taproot protects privacy on the Bitcoin blockc

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