litentry blockchain offers massive potentials to crowdloan investors XWr9Jk

Litentry Blockchain Offers Massive Potentials to Crowdloan Investors

PRESS RELEASE. The blockchain industry is an ever-evolving world and Litentry is at the forefront of this revolution. Litentry intends to create a truly decentralized identity aggregation solution that will power web 3.0 applications.
Its blockchain architecture is advanced and has witnessed massive growth due to its application in different sectors. Litentry has also created a DID Startups Programs that incentivizes innovative teams to build products that will add value to its blockchain. To continue its growth, Litentry has applied for a Polkadot Parachain slot that will transform its ecosystem.
This article will open your imagination into the future of web 3.0 that can be achieved when Litentry gets a parachain.
A decentralized ecosystem for innovative projects
Litentry has built an innovative decentralized based identity ecosystem that has attracted several projects to its blockchain protocol. One of such projects is the Polkadot Naming System (PNS). PNS intends to introduce de

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