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Bitcoin is The Worst Cryptocurrency For The Environment, Stellar is the Best One —Research Says

Cryptocurrency mining and environmentalism did not usually go hand in hand in conversations about the development of the blockchain industry, but one tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk was enough for the crypto community to start worrying about what Bitcoin and Proof-of-work miners are doing to the planet.
An investigation by Forexsuggest studied several cryptocurrencies and measured how polluting they are, calculating the estimated carbon emissions and the amount of resources that would be needed to counteract their effects.
As they explain in the report, they took data from Statista, Business Insider India, Laptop Mag, and other sources. Upon compilation, they computed the carbon emissions and the growth rate of such emissions.
Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash: The Worst Cryptocurrencies For The Enviroment
As expected, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most polluting networks for the planet. They concentrate the most hash power too.
In 2021 alone, Bitcoin has emitted about 56.8 million

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