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Investment Giant Morgan Stanley Predicts the Next Big Investment Theme of Crypto

The crypto market’s bull run has followed an investment pattern where one theme of tokens surges together and investment giant Morgan Stanely believes the big investment theme would come from the decentralized virtual world aka Metaverse. The concept of the Metaverse revolves around leading a parallel virtual life quite similar to one of the episodes in the popular Netflix show Black Mirror. Now big investment banks such as Morgan Stanley see it as the next big investment opportunity.
In a note shared with investors, the investment giant predicted that the Metaverse projects would dominate the majority of the investment in the coming years and also pointed towards the surging stocks of companies involved with Metaverse development. The idea behind Metaverse is to create a parallel virtual world quite similar to the physical one, but instead of playing one particular game, users will play “real-life” in the virtual world. The note read,
“Newsflow around the metaverse concept has

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