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Indian Government Meet To Discuss The Future of Cryptocurrency, But The Public Might Not Be Having It

The Indian government has set out on a plan to stop all forms of misleading information and promises that are “too good to be true, sources claim. The news broke after The Press Trust of India reported that Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided over a meeting with other stakeholders, on the way forward for cryptocurrency on November 13.
Indian Government To Stop Shady and Misleading Crgyptocurrency Advertisements

According to government sources, the Indian government presently feels strongly against the idea that crypto-based companies, exchanges, and all other crypto-related organizations, are not being entirely honest with their advertisements, tagging the adverts as  “over-promise and not transparent”. The meeting, which was chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then decided on the need to immediately stop these from happening henceforth.
This meeting is happening at a time when the Finance Ministry is presently working on a well-detailed bill to regulate cryptocurrencie

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