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Data shows how Aave overtook Compound in DeFi lending

In an industry with plenty of fast ascents and precipitous falls, many wondered whether the platform had the staying power to remain a central institution in DeFi lending.
Nearly 2 years later, Aave is still going strong, especially in relation to its one-time close rival. 
This article will take a closer look at the two platform’s strengths and weaknesses and explain why Aave was able to overtake Compound.
Aave and Compound TVL Compared
TVL (since January 2021) (Source: Footprint Analytics)
As of Oct. 20, the DeFi market has surpassed $200 billion in total locked-in value (TVL) at $241.575 billion, with Aave’s TVL gaining the largest share at $18.89 billion. This is followed by lending protocols Curve ($18.01 billion), MakerDAO ($16.4 billion) and Compound ($12 billion).
Latest changes to the ranking of the top 10 TVL platforms (Source: Footprint Analytics)
In the lending space, Aave’s TVL has been way ahead of Compound in the last six months. This can be attributed to

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