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Crypto trading face-off: Shiba Inu (78 million percent in a year) vs Koinos (535% in a month)

Crypto investors pick coins for many reasons. How does investing in a low market cap and real tech stack up against a massive community and questionable use-cases?
The story of Shiba Inu (SHIB), crypto’s best-performer of the year, still boggles the mind — even after multiple retellings. Just 12 months ago, the price of one SHIB token had ten zeros in front of it: $0.000000000063 on volume of $682.58, according to CoinGecko.By late October of this year, six of those zeros had gone and Shiba Inu had flippened Dogecoin to become the largest dog-themed token in the world, a top-ten cryptocurrency worth around $47 billion.Despite dropping almost 40% from that all-time high, SHIB still sits at a market cap of almost $29 billion — making it almost 350 times more valuable than our contender, Koinos Network (KOIN).Koinos Network has been the best-performer of the week on the Cointelegraph Markets Pro data and intelligence pla

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