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As Patreon tests the waters, can crypto open doors for content creators?

Since Twitter implemented its crypto tipping feature, it appears as though more content creator platforms may start to do the same in the near future.
As the digital asset market continues to break new ground, seemingly with each passing day, there is no denying the fact that crypto adoption has continued to increase at a fairly rapid pace globally. In this regard, it now appears as though online content creator platform Patreon is actively looking to devise its very own social token — or “creator coin” as it likes to call it — as a way of diving into the world of cryptocurrencies.Patreon executives recently teased the idea at the 2021 Creator Economy Summit with CEO Jack Conte making an appearance alongside chief product officer Julian Gutman. During the event, the two interacted with the audience at length and when asked about their decision to venture into the digital asset space, Conte replied by saying:“I rea

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