90% of Americans Have at Least Basic Cryptocurrency Knowledge: Survey

According to a recent survey conducted by Pew Research Center, the vast majority of US adults (86%) have heard at least a little about digital currencies. However, only 16% of the participants admitted they have personally invested in some of them.
Americans Are Aware of Crypto
The nonpartisan think tank – Pew Research Center – surveyed more than 10,000 American citizens to determine the level of crypto awareness among them. Per the results, 24% of the participants said they know a lot about digital assets, while 62% claimed they have only heard about them. 13% are not aware of what bitcoin, ether, or any other virtual tokens are.
The poll also revealed that 31% of the US citizens who have higher earnings are more likely to have heard about cryptocurrencies, while the percentage stands at 25% among those with average salaries. Only 21% of the individuals with lower incomes have basic knowledge about the matter.
The number of people aware of cryptocurrencies has grown significantly

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