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‘The Collectoooooor’: Why Pplpleasr’s Latest NFT Art Is on Solana, Not Ethereum

Artist pplpleasr (a.k.a. Emily Yang) is one of the standouts of this year’s NFT market boom, including designing the cover of Fortune magazine—and then selling it as NFTs. Her work has previously launched on leading NFT platform Ethereum, but now she has expanded onto rising competitor Solana with the drop of an inventive new project.
Launched this week amidst the Solana Breakpoint conference in Lisbon, “The Collectoooooor” by pplpleasr—created in collaboration with Cloud Eater Studios and Solana’s Metaplex protocol—spans 500 total pieces, including 3D ducks, buildings, UFOs, and more.
Individually, any one piece might seem simple or mundane. But if one wallet holder collects all 13 unique items in the set, they can ultimately choose to burn (or destroy) them all in exchange for one of just 15 total limited edition animated 3D cityscapes (three designs with five editions of each).
Pplpleasr told Decrypt that “The Collectoooooor” was designed to be “like a metaverse Animal C

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