Stock to Flow Model Still Predicts $135K Year-End Bitcoin Price

The popular stock-to-flow model, created by the pseudonymous “PlanB,” has been pretty accurate in predicting Bitcoin prices so far.
The brainchild behind the model has stated that the mid-cycle average should be around $100K per BTC. The cycles are taken between each halving event, the last being in May 2020 and the next in May 2024, about 900 days away.
He added that prices should be above that average now, but his floor model predicts $135K for a single BTC by the end of the year, which is in line with the S2F model.

As you know S2F model predicts ~$100K average this halving cycle (white line). I dumbed that down to “$100K Dec 2021 close” because to make $100K average, mid-cycle we should be above that average. My floor model (not S2F) predicts $135K Dec close: roughly in line with S2F model.
— PlanB (@100trillionUSD) November 11, 2021

Wild Bitcoin Price Predictions
The prediction model was originally published in March 2019. It explores the re

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