Polygon contributes $500,000 in MATIC to Ethereum prediction dApp SportX

Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform onboarding millions to the Web3, today announces it has contributed $500,000 to incentivize further volume building on SportX, part of the SX Network and the largest prediction market dapp by betting volume across all chains.
Polygon is a fast-growing blockchain with high speed and low gas infrastructure. DeFi bluechip Dapps including Sushiswap, Curve, Aave, Balancer, Kyber all integrated Polygon. This leading Ethereum scaling platform works in parallel with the Ethereum network to improve functionality and promote infrastructure development.
Polygon makes a MATIC bet
In addition to the $500,000 in $MATIC from Polygon, SX Network is putting in $1 million of staked $SX to its Bet Mining 3.0 campaign, taking the total incentivization pot to $1.5 million. Every week, SX Network will be paying out $125,000 in rewards on top of regular bet winnings to users of the protocol. Rewards will be paid out on Mondays based on the previous seven days be

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