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OMG price crashes by one third after BOBA airdrop snapshot

Users have been looking forward to this snapshot for a while but while they’ll be getting BOBA tokens later in the month, the value of their OMG tokens crashed by one third today.
The price of OMG Network (OMG) has plunged 33% from a daily high of $19.35 down to around $13 immediately after completion of the snapshot for an airdrop from the Boba Network.The snapshot of all wallets holding OMG tokens on the Ethereum network and the layer-two Boba Network took place at 12am UTC on Friday. OMG holders at the time of the snapshot will receive BOBA, the governance token for BobaDAO on Nov. 19.Boba is an Optimistic Rollup layer-two solution that helps to scale Ethereum smart contracts, built by the Enya team as core contributors to the OMG Foundation. BOBA token holders will be eligible to submit and vote on proposals for Boba DAO.Boba Network tweeted at 12:04am UTC that the snapshot occurred at Ethereum block 13597967, and on Bo

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