Miami Will Distribute Free Bitcoin To Its Residents Thanks To Miami Coin’s Success

Francis Suarez, the cryptocurrency-loving mayor of Miami, announced that he was working on a program to give free Bitcoin to the residents of his city thanks to the good results achieved by his city’s crypto project Miami Coin.
In an interview for CoinDest TV, Suarez explained that he was looking for a way to distribute part of Miami Coin’s yield to the people of Miami. While some parameters are still to be defined, the idea is already well advanced.
Miami Coin Paves the Way For More Bitcoin Exposure to Miami Residents
Miami Coin is a cryptocurrency that seeks to boost the city’s development by financing strategic projects. The technical part is responsibility of the startup CityCoins. At the same time, the administrative and political aspects are directly managed by the city of Miami.
So far, Suarez claims to have raised about $21 million from the sale of Miami Coin tokens. People basically buy tokens and stake them, earning rewards. In the future, Miami Coin holders could recei

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