Miami residents could soon receive Bitcoin dividends earned through MiamiCoin

Mayor Suarez of Miami has announced a unique way to mainstream Bitcoin. In an interview with Coindesk TV,  Suarez has confirmed that each Miami resident with a digital wallet will soon be eligible to receive additional profits or Bitcoin yields earned on the city’s Miami coin.
In an interview held on November 11, Suarez said “We’re going to be the very first city in America to give Bitcoin yield as a dividend directly to its residents.”
Popularizing Bitcoin Usage in Miami 
Mayor Suarez further stated that the leading purpose behind the idea of distributing Bitcoin yields to the residents of Miami is to make cryptocurrency accessible to more people.
Launched in August 2021, the Miami coin was introduced to fund municipal projects by generating additional yields. The coin has grown immensely popular since then and has generated yields amounting to $21 million in three months. If the sum is annualized, it would amount to $80 million, which can compensate for one-fifth o

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