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Lumenswap: Guide to the Decentralized Exchange on Stellar

[Featured Content] The concept of decentralized exchanges and automated market makers (AMMs) grew in popularity in the past couple of years.
A DEX brings forward plenty of exchanges, and the lack of counterparties is undoubtedly amongst them. With this in mind, Lumenswap brings forward an open-source client for the Stellar network, geared towards allowing users to swap and trade assets using a minimal and yet user-friendly interface.
In this guide, we take a closer look at Lumenswap and its features while also walking you through the process of how to use the platform.
What is Lumenswap
Lumenswap is a platform that provides quite a few products under a single roof. It boasts an order book-based marketplace that enables users to select different pairs and trade different assets on the Stellar network.
The entire market is based on the AMM model, where users can provide liquidity and receive fees in return. They are also able to exchange their assets at the best available rates.

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