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Klima DAO accumulates $100M of carbon offsets, aims to drive up price

Climate activism via blockchain is becoming a serious topic of discussion among academics and industry professionals as carbon offsets are tokenized.
Climate-change focused Klima DAO has accumulated over 9 million tonnes of carbon offsets according to a Nov. 8 announcement. The USD value of those offsets has surpassed $100 million.In a blog post, the project explained that those offsets are equivalent to the annual emissions of Georgia, Jamaica, or Papua New Guinea. The Klima DAO protocol aims to increase the price appreciation of carbon assets.The core team told Cointelegraph that it intends to put upward pressure on the price of carbon offsets “so that it becomes more profitable to engage in offset-generating activities, such as conserving land for carbon sequestration, or restoring forests and wetlands.”Carbon offsets are reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in one place to compensate for emissions somewhere else.B

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