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How traders can use Twitter to anticipate altcoin price moves

Data shows that a spike in Twitter mentions preceded massive price rallies in at least five altcoins.
When crypto traders win big, they often take to Twitter to share the joy. They tend to do the same for sharing painful stories of getting wrecked, discussing promising new assets, or sharing insight and predictions on which projects can become the next big thing. Sometimes these waves of social attention can even create positive feedback loops whereby the tokens that command the chatter see their prices soar precisely for that reason.The volume of tweets referencing a particular asset can indicate a lot of different things. This month, the five tokens that saw the greatest month-to-month increases in daily tweet volume — Loopring’s LRC, NuCypher’s NU, Enjin Coin (ENJ), ANKR and The Sandbox’s (SAND) — also saw some of the heftiest monthly gains. This in itself is not at all shocking, as the assets that see huge ral

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