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Four In Five Americans Have ‘Heard Of’ Crypto: Pew Research

In a survey of more than 10,000 Americans randomly selected by residential address, the Pew Research Center has revealed that crypto awareness is growing. 
The survey showed that over four-fifths (86%) of those surveyed “have heard at least a little about cryptocurrencies.” In a similar survey conducted in 2015, which focused exclusively on Bitcoin, just 48% of surveyees had heard of the leading cryptocurrency. 
Only 16%, however, reported ever having “invested in, traded or otherwise used” cryptocurrencies, according to Pew. 
Additionally, little more than 10% of the most recent sample size has heard “nothing at all” about cryptocurrencies. 
Source: Pew Research Center
Pew’s survey methodology also provided insights into how different genders, age groups, and income levels may or may not be aware of cryptocurrencies. Its latest survey has confirmed many long-held assumptions around the profile of crypto investors.
For example, there are far more Americans between the

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