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Ethereum Name Service Market Cap Hits $1 Billion—Just Days After ENS Airdrop

Last September, Uniswap surprised its users with a very early Christmas present: at least 400 UNI, the new governance token of the Ethereum-based decentralized exchange.
As those 400 tokens quickly became worth thousands of dollars, you could almost hear the collective smacking of thousands of heads, with everyone in crypto saying, “I should have been using Uniswap.”
Fast forward to this week and you’ll hear the same refrain from those who have been dragging their feet on adopting the Ethereum Name Service—a decentralized way of accessing the internet. ENS airdropped its own governance token to users on Monday, reaching a market capitalization of $586 million that same day. Yesterday, it hit $1 billion—and that’s just one of several positive metrics for the service. Individual ENS tokens are currently selling for just under $60, though the fledgling asset is still in an early period of price discovery.
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