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Demystify Blockchain for your customers

An understanding on Blockchain and how it is relatively easier to decode it in comparison to the other cryptocurrencies. The world of cryptocurrency is full of technical jargon. You have your irreplaceable token (NFT), your Ethereum, your Solana, your known customers (KYC), your altcoins, your stable coins – not to mention where it all started: Bitcoin.If all this jargon had a home, it would be a meta universe or a parallel digital world where cryptocurrency and NFT transactions could take place. And the meta universe would not be possible without blockchain, a decentralized database system where all interactions are encrypted and stored forever. In the proverbial chicken or egg debate, cryptocurrency business and blockchain happen at the same time, says Robert Consdorf, CEO of Facings, a Michigan-based company that creates easy-to-use tools for blockchain issuance. Bitcoin is the first blockchain to debut publicly and the first cryptocurrency. About 12 years ago, its inventor, pseudo

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