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Crypto Exchange FTX US to Double-Down on Miami Presence

FTX US is expanding its presence in Miami, Florida, where the crypto exchange has already established a firm foothold. 
The firm is building permanent office space for 16 to 18 employees in Miami’s financial district, according to a recent Bloomberg interview with FTX US’s vice president of business development, Avinash Dabir. 
Dabir also said there is a significant opportunity in crypto and real estate—albeit in its early stages. He reportedly imagines a time in the future when property titles could be NFTs, or escrow accounts could be handled via smart contracts. 
“I can’t think of a better place to do that. It feels like everyone I talk to is in real estate, outside of crypto,” he told Bloomberg. 

He also added that the company’s existing Miami-related partnerships, including one with Property Markets Group, will help establish and facilitate real estate transactions via cryptocurrencies. 
FTX’s growing Miami footprint
This is the latest move in FTX’s focus on

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