Chia Network will help Costa Rica track climate change

The Costa Rican government yesterday assigned Chia Network to monitor activities of climate change in the region.  
Chia Network and Costa Rica sign climate change pact
According to a memorandum of understanding signed by the blockchain and smart transaction company and the Central American country, the Bram Cohen-led company will offer technical services to the country’s national climate change metrics system (SINAMMEC).
Chia Network mentioned that the Costa Rican government will utilize the blockchain and smart transaction platform’s technology to create software that’s open-source in nature to improve the management of its climate inventory. 
It was also revealed that the developed software will be made available at zero cost to other countries. Also, Chia will operate a national registry to oversee “carbon inventory, climate registry, and record bilateral corresponding adjustments with trades to shift credits among countries.”
Chia is committed to being the ra

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