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Bitcoin derivatives markets ‘healthier’ than in Q1, says research after fresh leverage shakeout

A lot has changed in half a year among derivatives, and Bitcoin price gains are more sustainable as a result, new analysis reasons.
Bitcoin (BTC) shook out leveraged traders in classic style this week, but new data suggests that the market is broadly healthier than earlier in the year.Highlighting findings from its latest weekly newsletter, data analysis firm Arcane Research showed how aligned futures markets have become in Q4 2021.”Healthier” market keeps bullish bias sustainableWith a sudden BTC price correction causing maximum pain for leveraged long traders on Wednesday, sentiment has started to waver over market strength.This is unwarranted, figures suggest, as structurally, derivatives markets are much more solid than they were during the initial run-up to $64,900 in April.Arcane focused on the so-called futures’ basis — the difference between Bitcoin spot price and the futures price on various exchanges.January to A

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