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Binance Smart Chain project Orakuru begins its transition to a full-fledged DAO

In a document published on Tuesday, Orakuru announced that it will be undergoing its biggest upgrade yet, expanding its development and transitioning to a full-fledged decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
The Binance Smart Chain-based oracle protocol will be testing and then formalizing all of the development into its Whitepaper 2.0, with the changes set to be implemented ahead of the mainnet launch in the coming months.

The biggest update for $ORK holders
1/4 Orakuru is introducing the Orakuru Foundation, under which current oracle development will continue along with DAO structuring, industry-leading projects incubation and new L1 conquests
Must-read >>https://t.co/x857loM6TD
— Orakuru | オラクル (@Orakuru_ork) November 8, 2021

Orakuru joins in on the decentralization wave
Six months after its successful token sale on the fundraising platform KickPad, Orakuru is set to undergo significant changes. The protocol’s founding team outlined the new chan

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