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B2B firms want cross-border payments but skeptical of crypto: Survey

Only 2% of B2B firms have adopted crypto payments so far, while 59% indicated no intention to accept it, one survey says.
Cryptocurrencies appear to be far from ready for business-to-business (B2B) commerce so far due to factors like lack of convenience, a new survey suggests.According to a joint survey by payment-related startups Invoiced and PaymentsNEXT, 59% of B2B respondents are not open to the idea of accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment.Released on Thursday, the survey found that only 2% of respondents adopted crypto payments so far, while 39% of those indicated any level of intention to accept cryptocurrency in the future. The study is based on online survey responses from 269 finance professionals from August 2021.Source: InvoicedAccording to the survey’s findings, B2B companies apparently prefer check payments to other payment methods like debit cards, with 77% of respondents indicating to accept checks

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