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Austria Plans to Tax Cryptocurrencies Like Stocks, Vows Equal Treatment

As a growing number of governments are looking to tap into crypto profits, authorities in Austria have indicated their intention to tax gains from digital asset investments just like those from stocks and bonds. The move is expected to increase trust and access to cryptocurrencies.
Austria to Apply Capital Gains Tax to Bitcoin, Make Crypto More Accessible
Claiming it aims for an equal treatment of investments in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, the government in Vienna has announced it’s considering applying the same 27.5% levy to crypto assets it currently uses to tax capital gains from traditional stocks and bonds. Austria intends to impose the measure as part of a wider tax overhaul to be carried out next year.
Тhe news comes as more and more nations around the world are exploring ways to tax incomes stemming from the expanding crypto asset market, а report by Bloomberg notes. Just recently, the total capitalization of the crypto economy exceeded $3 trillion in value, as Bitcoin.

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