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An Evaluation of Digital Asset Custody Solutions — Brought to you by Fireblocks

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The Block Research was commissioned by Fireblocks to create “An Evaluation of Digital Asset Custody Solutions” which provides an overview of custody solution providers.
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To access the full report in PDF format, please fill click here. 

Fraudulent credit card transactions can be reversed or disputed with a call to the bank or credit card provider.
The same cannot be said for digital assets transactions.

Accordingly, a diverse landscape of firms providing solutions for securely storing, accessing, and transferring digital assets has emerged. 
This research report provides:
(i) An overview of the different categories of these custody firms 
(ii) Comparisons between the digital assets custody landscape and the traditional finance custody landscape
(iii) An outline of how a firm’s digital assets custody strategy can impact its business operations and customer experience 
(iv) A brief outlook for the digital assets custody industry

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