announcing the launch of the lao crypto and defi product welnance finance rnb8w0

Announcing the Launch of the Lao Crypto and DeFi Product – Welnance Finance

PRESS RELEASE. Welnance, a DeFi protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, is set to launch the first Lao crypto and decentralized product on the 11th of November, 2021. Welnance is a decentralized financial platform that’s aimed at promoting financial freedom and choices for people around the world by offering fast, secure, reliable financial products and services to customers.
Welnance is under the Phousy Group ( one of the 6 companies authorized by the government of Laos to trade and mine cryptocurrencies). Since its inception in 1997, The company has participated in different business operations in Laos, especially its construction portfolio of roads and bridges. In 2009, The company’s total assets increased to over $3 billion and today it has skyrocketed. Phousy Group Portfolio comprises road and bridge construction, architecture & design, petroleum, irrigation system, mining, hydropower, and import/export, hotel, transportation, and grindstone factory. It’s home to over 100

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