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Venezuelan Court Rolls Back Seizure of More Than 1,000 Bitcoin Miners

A Venezuelan court in the capital of the country has rolled back a seizure of more than 1,000 Bitcoin miners due to irregularities that occurred during the confiscation. According to court documents, the equipment that was seized was in the custody of a third-party company that was doing maintenance services. The court ordered Sunacrip, the national crypto watchdog, to retrieve these miners from their owners.
Venezuelan Court Decides On Crypto Seizure Case
A Venezuelan court located in the capital of the country has decided to roll back a seizure measure that the national cryptocurrency watchdog, Sunacrip, executed last month. The operation, which was carried out in a joint effort by the scientific police of the country and Sunacrip, presented several irregularities and according to court documents, violated the “right to defense and due process, as well as the right to property of the plaintiff company.”
The equipment seized was undergoing maintenance by third parties and the o

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