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‘This is up from zero just a matter of months ago:’ QCP says its DeFi option trading has hit $250 million a week

Crypto trading firm QCP Capital is now trading around $1 billion a month in options on decentralized derivatives platforms.
That’s according to Simon Nursey, head of derivatives at Singapore-based QCP Capital, who spoke on Wednesday at an industry conference in Lisbon. 
“For us, we’ve been quite taken aback by the explosion in the DeFi options space. We’ve always felt it was a difficult problem to solve: getting derivatives on-chain. But now it’s not experimental, or a test, or anything like that, it’s a very significant part of our business,” Nursey said. “We’re turning over about $250 million a week of DeFi crypto options through the various vault projects that are out there. And this is up from zero just a matter of months ago,” he added.
Options are a common instrument on Wall Street that provide traders the option to buy or sell an underlying asset at a certain price before a set date. They can be useful as a mechanism to hedge or speculate on a given asset.

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