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[SPONSORED] Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary elevates his investing strategy with Circle Yield

Rachel Mayer 
VP of Product

Institutional-grade digital asset exposure
Last month, I wrote about how corporate treasurers and institutional fund managers are exploring digital assets to maximize cash returns in an environment of historically low interest rates. Against that backdrop, Circle Yield is becoming a more popular way for cash and portfolio managers to get fixed-term digital asset upside without having to invest directly in bitcoin, ether or other cryptocurrencies.
I want to share an example of how one client — noted entrepreneur and crypto advocate Kevin O’Leary¹ — is using Circle Yield at his venture firm, O’Leary Ventures. O’Leary followed the digital asset space for years, but stayed on the sidelines until recently. After hiring a team to help him build out a digital asset strategy, he evaluated the landscape and allocated a portion of the venture firm’s balance sheet into Circle Yield.
A shrewd investor spots his opportunity
What won him ove

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