SEC Releases Report Urging DeFi Operators to Reach Out

SEC Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw has published a “Statement on DeFi Risks, Regulations, and Opportunities” on November 9, advising decentralized finance platforms to contact them.
In it, she acknowledged that crypto is now part of the vernacular, whether on news, social media, entertainment, and in investment portfolios.
In an effort to clarify the regulatory status of DeFi in the U.S., the report stated that many DeFi products closely resemble those in the traditional financial marketplace. In late August, the SEC partnered with blockchain analytics firm AnChain.AI to monitor the DeFi space.
DeFi Risk and Reward
Crenshaw stated that although there are many warnings about the risks associated with DeFi, it suffers structural limitations due to it being unregulated.
“DeFi participants’ current “buyer beware” approach is not an adequate foundation on which to build reimagined financial markets.”
She added that the SEC is one of many departments that have jurisdiction over

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