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Pixlr Genesis Users Are Building the ‘Louvre of the Metaverse’ With NFTs

The non-fungible token (NFT) boom of 2021 has swept digital artists like Beeple, Pplpleasr and FEWOCiOUS from obscurity to stardom, and seen the traditional art world grappling with how to present NFT artwork to its audience.
Now, photo editing and design software manufacturer Pixlr is bringing its extensive expertise and its 500 million strong global community to bear, with plans to create a decentralized art museum of NFTs named Pixlr Genesis. The ambitious goal is to rival the likes of the Louvre, MOMA, and the National Gallery, but in the virtual world known as the metaverse.
A museum for the metaverse
The metaverse is being tipped by everyone from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Chinese tech giant Tencent as the next evolution of the Internet: a vast digital arena in which users interact through digital avatars, stuffed with opportunities to build, collaborate and socialize.
“Pixlr Genesis aims to become the largest decentralized art museum on the metaverse—to connect both artis

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