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Nigerian Central Bank Intensifying Fight Against Cryptocurrency Traders

Just a few days after launching the e-naira digital currency, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is now reportedly ramping up the pressure against cryptocurrency traders.
Bank Employees Warned
In a memo to its staff seen by News, one of Nigeria’s leading banks, FCMB, warns its employees against aiding cryptocurrency traders. The bank reveals that any account that is found to be in violation of the CBN directive will be closed.
In addition, FCMB said employees that willfully fail to disclose the existence of an account that is involved in cryptocurrency trading will also be punished. According to the memo, all FCMB employees are now expected to be involved in the monitoring of accounts, transactions, and customers in order to ensure the bank is fully complying with the CBN directive.
Meanwhile, in order to help employees easily identify accounts that are used by cryptocurrency traders, FCMB has produced and shared a list of 20 red flags to look out for. Some of these red f

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